"Art and Literary Exchange Between Iran, Transcaucasia, Central Asia, and Russia in the 20th Century"

Event Date: 

Saturday, October 30, 2021 - 12:15pm
Saturday, May 28, 2022 - 12:15pm

The 2021/2022 series of lectures and seminars will address transnational exchanges in roughly three periods: The Tsarist/Qajar Era, the Soviet Union/Pahlavi era, and the Islamic Republic/Post 1991 era, with a focus on Iran, Russia, Transcaucasia, and Central Asia. 


October 30 - Katerina Clark (Yale University), "A Persian Poet in Stalin's Russia: Abolquasem Lahuti in Tajikstan" 

February 12 - Sam Hodgkin (Yale University), "Newspaper Poetry and Representative Politics in the Revolutions of 1905-1911” 
February 19 - Janet Afary (UC Santa Barbara), “Molla Nasreddin of Tiflis and the Diasporic Milieu that Gave Birth to It”
February 26 - Touraj Atabaki (Leiden University), “Theater of Enlightenment/Space of Modernity. Popular Stage in the Caspian Region 1890-1920" 
March 5 - Teoman Aktan (University of Istanbul), “The Role of Critical Literature in Reflecting the Socio-Political Issues of the Qajar and the Caucasus”
May 21 - Giorgi Papashvili (Tbilisi State Academy of Art), “Image of Iran in the Press of Tiflis from the late 19th century to World War I”
May 28 - Rebecca Gould (University of Birmingham), “Two Cosmopolitan Thinkers from the Caucasus: Abbas Quli Agha Bakikhanov and Mirza Fath-Ali-Akhundzadeh”